Hydrated Hair with Usmooth



So my hair looks amazing.

There. I said it. 

I've been using usmooth hair products for two weeks, and I am in love.  

This brand reached out to me and was kind enough to send over some products for me to review. I've been using this shampoo, conditioner, and styling iron a couple times a week, and I love how healthy and hydrated my hair looks and feels now. 

The shampoo has a dreamy scent, is super light, and has the perfect mix of vitamins B, C, and E, which makes it ultra hydrating. 

I have normal hair overall, but when I heat style my hair a few days in a row, I notice how dry and meh it becomes (especially in this humid Alabama weather). My hair loses its sheen and looks all around a little icky. I use this shampoo two or three times a week to infuse my hair with mega moisture and give it that shiny, healthy look I love.

Conditioner is another story. Ok tbh I have never really used conditioner before. Like, I have, but I haven't. Every conditioner that I've tried over the years has felt heavy and has made my hair look and feel kind of weighed down and oily. Yes, I know to only put it from behind my ears and down; it still wasn't working for me, people!

This conditioner, on the other hand, makes my hair feel — well — conditioned. My hair feels supple and uber clean instead of gross and greasy. The combination of sunflower oil and shea butter softens my hair without weighing it down. This product line would also be great for anyone with color treated hair. It protects the hair and makes it all around more manageable. Yes, please. 

Full disclosure: I also got a much much much much needed trim recently. Getting those icktastic deadends off my hair and cleansing it with usmooth products has made the biggest difference, y'all. 

I also can't say enough good things about the styling iron they sent to me. I am usually a curling iron girl because that's typically a lower maintenance look for me. Not anymore. Well, not all the time anyway. Think you have to choose between styling tools that can curl or straighten? No, ma'am! Get you an iron that can do both. 

I've only used it so far for straightening my hair, but with its ease of use, I can see how it could conquer a curly lewk as well. I also love that it's not super bulky or annoying to hold against your hair. Did I mention that it's titanium and comes in four really stunning colors? Check out that millennial pink, y'all. This iron is totes an investment piece, but to recap: it's titanium, it curls, straightens, smooths, and is super lightweight. So it's definitely worth it. Cost per use, guys! 


Let me know if you have any questions about this brand or this collaboration! And make sure you check out usmooth for yourself! <3