Swimsuits: Investment Pieces

best women investment swimsuits 2018


Swimsuit season is around the corner, so that means saying buh-bye to chicken nuggets & Cherry Cokes and hello, there to celery and, like, Zevia or something. 

Just kidding. Most of these are one pieces so it's FINE. 

I can't handle swimsuits with zero sex appeal, so if that's your cup of tea, you might want to check out this post instead. 

I'm a libra, so I'm allllllllll about moderation. This applies to drinking, eating like sh*t, and splurging on swimsuits. But this post is all about INVESTMENT swimsuits. That means these price points are a little higher, but that usually means the quality is, too. 

This post, however, is all about cheap frills. These swimmies may not stand the test of time (or the washing machine), but they're cheap AF and darnnnnn cute. 

Where was I? Ah, yes. INVESTMENTS. I'm all about investing in yourself. Whether that's bi-weekly massages, monthly facials, a new tube of lipstick (or five), designer bags, or something I'm not actually planning on wearing in the ocean, I'm about that life. Investing in yourself often means investing in your happiness and peace of mind, and that's the stuff I do like.

First things first: I think a good swimsuit must meet three requirements: 

  1. FitLet's face it. An ill-fitting swimsuit is f*cking disastrous. That's why it is SO important to find one that not only FITS you but also FLATTERS you. I can't tell you how many times I've tried on swimsuits at Target, sworn off "bad" food "forever" and promised myself that I would exercise six times a day for three months and survive on nothing but hot lemon water and lettuce for eight weeks straight. Newsflash: that lifestyle didn't work, and neither did the swimsuits. Not because I'm "fat" and not because those swimsuits were "fugly"—it's because they were "fugly" on ME & I felt "fat" in them. They didn't flatter my body shape, and that's ok! Not everything is going to work on you. I promise you can still find a flattering (fitted!) suit. No swimming around in T-shirts on my watch. Unless you're into that, in which case: GO FOR IT. Do you. 
  2. FeelHow do you feel in the damn thing? If your answer isn't, "sexy, fun, fab," then it's prob not the swimsuit for you. Swimsuits are like 90 percent confidence (10 percent bikini wax), so "feel" is sooooo important. Don't let a swimsuit fat shame you. Don't let a swimsuit slut shame you. If you feel GOOD in it (and your lady lumps are legally covered), why the hell not buy it?? Confidence is priceless—or like, $80-$90 depending ;)
  3. WorthThis does not necessarily mean you need to spend hundreds and hundreds on a piece of string to get your money's worth. It's just all about deciding what you need the swimsuit for, how long you want/need it to last, and how long you think it'll be "in style." I typically spend less on trendier pieces (unless we're talking about this bad boy, but like, the 80s are everything, soooo *kanye shrug*). But I bring out the big bucks for swimsuit styles I want to last for years. I have some L*Space, Becca, and Mara Hoffman swimsuits from YEARS ago that are still totally on trend and deliciously well preserved, so sometimes you really do get what you pay for. 

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Let's get a little personal for a sec, shall we? I used to be skinny. Like, skin-ny. And I'm not anymore. Sometimes I'm cool with it #boobs. Sometimes I'm not #swimsuitshopping. Before this year, I honestly had not even WORN a swimsuit (let alone purchased a new one) in years—YEARS because of my perception of my own body and how it's changed over timeSo if you're struggling with body image issues, I totally get it. I hope that you can find some hope and inspiration in this post. I hope that if you feel overwhelmed, or "too fat," or "too skinny," or "too busty," or "not busty enough" that you can find peace inside of yourself and invest in things in life that make you feel GOOD about yourself and your beautiful body. I am always down to chat about this type of thing, too, so feel free to reach out to me at anytime. My DMs are a judgment-free zone TRUST ME.

How to get a swimsuit body: wear a swimsuit, have a body. 

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***Ed note: Comparisons and embellishments in this post are used with humorous and satirical intent ONLY. If you are struggling with any serious, constant, or medically diagnosed body image issues or eating disorders and feel as if you need advice, counsel, or someone to talk to, please call the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) Helpline, 1-800-931-2237 or seek medical advice ASAP.