Swimsuits: Cheap Frills



White two-piece: AE, Black two-piece: AE, Black one-piece: AE, Neon two-piece: AE

As you already know, it's SWIM WEEK here on Fork & Frill. And this post is all about cheap frills. I definitely consider myself more of an investment person when it comes to swimsuits, but it's always nice to find a cute suit that's as inexpensive as it is on trend. 

American Eagle is having a fab swim sale right now, so I'm highlighting my faves. I'm also obsessed with some affordable options from ASOS and Nordstrom, so make sure you click through all the links below because there are several other swimsuits (all under $80—most under $50) that aren't featured in the main post image. 

Check out this post for investment swimsuits, and read my swim wear requirements list that ALL swimsuits must meet before I click "checkout." 

Shop My Nordstrom Faves

Tip of the week:

I know a lot of people are sketched out by trying on swimsuits. Same here. But guess what? I LOVE trying them on at home. Buying swimsuits online is so much less stressful than trying them on in the store. You get to see how the swimsuit will look in REAL lighting, not that weird artificial shiz that they have in the mall—ick! I also feel like it's less—well—gross. Think about how many bodies have been INSIDE the same swimsuit you're trying on at Target—vom.com, am I right?? I feel like that's less of an issue when you buy online. You also have more time to consider your decision when you try on anything (especially swimsuits) at home. It is LIFE-CHANGING!

I know online returns are annoying AF, but I would rather take time to go to the UPS store than keep something I hate just because I pressured myself into buying it when I tried it on in the store. THINK ABOUT IT. I also love online shopping in general because you are way more likely to find good deals. Just sayin', y'all! 

You also don't have to deal with any salespeople, so they aren't having any kind of influence on your purchase decision. 

Added bonus: You can drink more water and eat less refined sugar and salty foods before your swimsuit arrives so that you won't look or feel bloated AF when trying it on. Total game-changer.


What do you think of these affordable swim wear styles and tips? I'm kind of obsessed! 

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