Six Things You NEED For Spring

six things you need for spring


Spring is upon us! Well, kind of. I literally love spring. It's all about rebirth, growth, and pastels—who couldn't love that?? I just wish the Alabama weather would reflect this seasonal change, but alas, can't have it all. Spring without pollen would also be nice, but I don't think that's scientifically possible, so. 

To take your mind off the daily fluctuating temperatures, allergies, and summer body prep, here are six things you NEED for spring. Not want, NEED. Like, they are non-negotiable in my book. And they should be in yours, too. You're welcome in advance. 

A Staple Dress

I wore this dress on Insta a few weeks ago, and you guys LOVED it. It's such a wonderful staple piece that you can adapt with accessories for when it's chilly and windy AF or delightfully 75 and sunny. It looks equally good with sneakers and heels. I've worn it with these and these, and the grey color literally goes with everything. If you are tall or curvy, I would go up a size. I bought my usual size, and because of my @$$, it tends to ride up when I walk if I'm wearing heels. Just FYI. When I buy a different color (because I def will), I will probably size up to a M.

A Fun Spring Shoe

If you follow me on any social media platform, you know I've wanted these shoes for MONTHS. I'm getting ready to finally pull the trigger because they are literally HALF off right now. Can you even?? I also bought this fab pink pair from Nordstrom, and I am totally obsessed. If you buy these, I would go up at least a half a size if not one full one. They run SMALL, but I promise you will adore the color. Both pairs are pink perfection. 

An Updated Denim Jacket

I know we all have a couple denim jackets in our closets from 2008, but this year's denim jacket is all about EDGE. I definitely think there is a bedazzling line that should never be crossed, but these denim jackets get close to that line without ever actually crossing it. I wore the Free People version on Insta, and I literally can't say enough good things about this jacket. It's super oversized, which I love, and it is surprisingly versatile. I love it with the LGD (little grey dress), shorts, sets, and rompers. It is the perfect transitional piece, and I promise it will sell out because it always does. Buy it now; ask questions later. 

The Perfect Set

Sets are ALL. THE. RAGE. right now. We saw them last year, but I didn't fully embrace the trend until it was the dead of winter, and I was fantasizing about spring and summer. And now I NEED one. Or five. Sets give the illusion of a dress, but then you can mix and match the top and bottoms. It's genius, really. This particular set has my heart because it's pink, white, and gingham—hello.

An Adorable Straw Bag

Straw bags are just cute. If you're looking for your spring purse, honey, this is it. I'm obsessed with the large and mini Clare V. versions. But if you're not into the price tag, there are plenty of dupes out there that will fit the bill. I love this one and this one. These bags will go with everything, and they are equally chic at work as they are at happy hour. Loves it. The Clare V. one sells out fast, so you need to buy it NOW if you want it. 

Versatile AF Silver Hoops

I am definitely more of a gold girl, but silver is making a HUGE comeback this season. I made sure that all the items on this list actually go together, so if you bought one of each, you could start styling your spring wardrobe TOMORROW. These hoops are no exception. They would look perfect with this set, this dress, and this jacket. I don't own this exact pair, but I own gold hoops from Gorjana (pictured here and here) that I literally wear all the time. I can't recommend this brand enough. These also make GREAT gifts because every woman looks good in hoops, and you don't have to worry about sizing. Did I mention they go with everything? #blessup 


What are your favorite pieces for spring? Do you own any that I mentioned in this round-up?