Sore Not Sorry: Collaboration with Saje Cox Fitness

 Top:  Nike , Shoes:  Nike  (size UP half a size), Leggings:  Zella , Purse:  Louis Vuitton Speedy,  Necklace:  Soulshine Goods  (use code FRILL15 for 15% off the entire store), Ring:  David Yurman , Sports bra:  Target

Top: Nike, Shoes: Nike (size UP half a size), Leggings: Zella, Purse: Louis Vuitton Speedy, Necklace: Soulshine Goods (use code FRILL15 for 15% off the entire store), Ring: David Yurman, Sports bra: Target

Hello, babes! 

Can you believe it's literally SEPTEMBER right now? What the?? My life has been super chaotic the past, uhh, month, but I'm back — back again. Caitlyn's back; tell a friend. (Apologies in advance for how lame my puns and language are today. I'm just, like, really excited to see you guys.)

Wellllll. Let's get to it. 

Long story short: Saje Cox is a personal trainer from my hometown who reached out to me to participate in her at-home fitness challenge for August.

If you're a member of Saje's *Ladies Only* Facebook Group, then you may have already heard my take on her August Challenge. (Click here to join the September Challenge if you haven't already.) 

Basicallyyy I'm obsessed. 

For those of you who aren't in the group (sorry, boys), then I'm going to give you a little breakdown of what I discussed in my video and how I feel about Saje's challenge in general. 

Full disclosure: I am not a fitness person. I'm more of a go to brunch and take a nap person. This is important to note because it really does validate how amazing Saje's fitness challenge really is. 


sore not sorry

The Fitness Challenge

So, the August Challenge consisted of five at-home workouts per week. As mentioned in my video, I'm not someone who wants to dread my workouts. I want them to be convenient, low maintenance, and I want to get results without having to do anything super strenuous or crazy. Well, Saje's challenges hit all those marks and more.  

Saje's workouts are only five days a week with two rest days each week. Each workout is 30 minutes or less, and you can do them all from the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment. (Can I get an amen?) The workouts are uploaded the night before into a closed Facebook group that you can only join once your payment clears. Once you're in the group, you gain access to all of the workouts each week as well as information that Saje and others share within the group. The monthly fitness challenges are only $19.99 per month, and I'd say that's a small price to pay for looking cute in a bikini (or feeling confident in anything really).

  • Cost: $19.99/mo
  • Completely online
  • Accountability partners
  • For ALL fitness levels
  • Prizes for the best transformations (we're talking $350, $100, and $50 — wowza!)
  • Can be done from home and at ANY time

How the Challenge Worked for Me

I am busy af. Like, all the time. WE ALL ARE. So, I'll be totally honest and tell you that I missed almost two weeks' worth of workouts. IT HAPPENS. Life happens. 

What's magnificent about Saje's challenges is that you really can pick back up where you left off. And that's important. 

Health is a lifestyle, but there are going to be days (and weeks — let's be real) that you can't/won't/don't work out. And that's okay. 

I was super sick for more than a week, and I've been out of town three times in the past month, so it's difficult to stay on top of your exercises when you're not at home. I get it. 

What's important is making your health a priority and taking new steps each day to make sure you're always working toward a better "you." 

women's nikes

Changes I Saw 

I don't weigh myself often. It's just not a "thing" for me. For those of you who knew me in high school, I used to be prettyyy skinny. Like, I was 110 soaking wet. Well, flash forward ten years later, and I've gained about 12-15 pounds. (I fluctuate.) 

The extra pounds don't bother me (I mean, I actually have boobs now LOL), but I was getting kind of grossed out by how lethargic and fluffy I've been feeling. 

I have natural muscle tone (THANKS, MOM), so I build and retain muscle really easily. However, my consistent diet of CFA and Buncha Crunch has left me a little less than toned or super model skinny. 

From day one, I could immediately tell how my stamina was improving. I have the endurance of a 152-year-old woman by nature, so this was a very welcomed improvement. 

I've also noticed that my clothes are fitting better (cliche but true), my skin is clearer (sweat is good, y'all), and my muscle tone is getting back to where it needs to be. 

Also, my butt looks amazing. #sorrynotsorry

Will you be joining me for Saje's September Challenge? Click here to join. You know you want to. 

Cute Workout Clothes

As promised. these are all the links to my workout clothes. Do you love them? Which are your fave workout clothing brands? I'm always on the lookout for new brands! All the items I listed are TTS except for the shoes. I had to go up half a size than what I normally wear in Nikes, so just be mindful! 

Top: Nike, Shoes: Nike (size UP half a size), Leggings: Zella, Purse: Louis Vuitton Speedy, Necklace: Soulshine Goods (use code FRILL15 for 15% off the entire store), Ring: David Yurman, Sports bra: Target

Other items mentioned in video: Zella Autumn Leggings, Sweaty Betty (25% off with code: LABORDAY), ShopStyle, Nordstrom, Kohl's tanks, and Strut This

Let me know if you ladies (or gentlemen?) have any questions! Love you; mean it <3