Why You Should Shave Your Face (at Home!)

  Tinkle  razors ftw

Tinkle razors ftw

Yeah. I went there. I am a woman who shaves her face.

Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor did it, too, guys! DON'T JUDGE ME YET. 

I have literally been removing hair from my face since I was in the third grade. I started plucking my brows that year (with the extreme supervision of my mother). 

Then, I was made fun of a couple of times for having a "mustache" in fifth grade, so I begged my mom to take me to CVS where I could get my 11-year-old hands on some Sally Hansen wax strips — you know the ones. 

She's a blonde, though, so she's never really understood the struggle. *insert eye roll emoji* (Damn you women with your invisible peach fuzz.)

Waxing, however, has never really been my favorite thing, so when those battery-operated facial buzzers came out, I was all aboard. 

Flash forward to 2016, and I traded my trusty buzzer for straight up facial razors from Amazon. 

You all know how much I dig dermaplaning, so why are you even surprised that I would shave my actual face? 

Being a natural born brunette has led me to do some strange (and expensive!) things in the name of being hair free in all the right places. This "thing," however, is v inexpensive and literally life-changing. 

Much like dermaplaning, shaving your face sloughs off that icky outer layer of skin that's covered in oil, grit, grime, and probably old makeup from the bar last night (hey no judging). 

Shaving really exfoliates your face and allows products to permeate your skin more easily.  I always moisturize right afterward, and I can immediately tell a difference in the way my skin is absorbing what I'm putting on it. It's magical.

I will say I have cut myself before (maybe today — who's to say?), so it shouldn't be a free for all. But those moments are few and far between, and the quest for a baby smooth face is totally worth a knick here and there (only when I get careless you guys — don't lecture me).

I'm not going to lie — getting rid of facial hair is my numero uno reason for facial shaving, but the added fine exfoliation is a huge plus plus plus. I shave my face at least two or three times a week, and if I ever go longer than a few days in between, I can feel my complexion becoming dull. And skipping shaving sessions makes my makeup look super blah, which is never ideal. 

This added exfoliation increases cellular turnover and will help you look as young and hot as your beau in 10 to 20 years. Because why should men be the only ones who age well because of facial shaving?? Marilyn and Elizabeth were totally onto something (besides the whole marrying a rich dude thing) ...

I get these Tinkle razors for five bucks on Amazon, and they are the shiznit. I think you can even get them at Walmart, but I would much rather have them shipped than have to step foot into that icky store, but you do you. 

AND NO, facial hair doesn't grow back faster, darker, or thicker after being shaved. At least not for me. My hair grows back super quickly anyway, so shaving it has not affected its growth cycle. Annnnd I already have dark, coarse hair, so that's no different either. 

I literally can't recommend shaving your face enough, and once you go Tinkle, you never go back. 

Just make sure you avoid any bumps (no need to spread bacteria ew), and shave at the correct angle. I've never had an ingrown hair on my face, but anything is possible, so take your time, and do it right. 


Have you, as a woman, shaved your face before? Do you love?? What are your fave razors? Any Q's? Let's hear 'em below! <3