Purchases I Returned in 2017

Fork & Frill showcases my shopping faves, but real life: they're not all winners. As a blogger, I shop constantly. And by "shop," I don't necessarily mean I'm buying things; I just mean I'm perusing for cute stuff and deals (usually online). Because I live in The Middle Of Nowhere, USA, the shopping choices here are, um, lacking, so I often HAVE to buy things online. And obviously, if I want to be able to link items for y'all, purchasing online makes a lot more sense. 

Though I do love online shopping, there are two major drawbacks: 

  1. You don't know the true color of a garment until it comes in the mail. I see things all the time online that I love love love the color of (or so I think) only to get them home and be completely disappointed.
  2. Another huge online shopping issue is fit. It's no surprise that something looks great on the clothing model. But I, dear friends, do not have model proportions, so when I get the item home, it may not translate as well on me as it did on her. Go figure. 

For transparency's sake, I don't want you guys to think everything I buy online is ~werking~ because—let's face it—that's just not real life. Here are a few things that I've bought recently that just did not work for me. I LOVE both of the brands featured here, but these particular items just didn't work for ME. I'm not saying not to buy them; I'm just sharing my experiences. <3

Two by Vince Camuto One-Shoulder Pullover

vince camuto

This, in theory, should have been perfect for me. It's grey, one-shouldered, and sweatshirt material. Alas, when I got it home, I was incredibly underwhelmed. I'd also say that this top is on the pricier side. Most of my sweaters max out around $65, and I just didn't think this item warranted this price point. It didn't look terrible, but I definitely wasn't blown away enough to keep it. 

Vince Camuto Fileana Split Shaft Bootie

vince camuto bootie

Full disclosure: I'm still really sad about this one. This bootie is just as cute in person as it is online; HOWEVER, the pair that I got had SUCH a chemical smell that I literally couldn't even keep them in my room. It was horrifying. They also didn't fit my heel correctly. Something about the shape of the shoe at the top caused my heel to slip out with every step. If you're not opposed to the stench (it will prob die down with wear, hopefully) and have bigger heels, these will prob work for you. I'm really, really devastated they didn't for me because I honestly still love the look of them.

Free People Park City Pullover

free people city park pullover

This is another one that I'm really sad about. I had been stalking this sweater for months. MONTHS. I finally pulled the trigger when it went on sale (I think I paid $70 or $80; it's usually $108). It finally came in the mail, and I was SHOCKED at how oversized it was. Free People usually fits me bigger than most brands. I typically wear a small in other brands, but in Free People, I am an extra small. I am also usually an extra small in all sweaters, so I figured that I would need an XS in this one. WELL LET ME YA IT WAS CRAZY BIG Y'ALL. Like, comically big. I have long arms for my height, but these sleeves were MASSIVE. It was actually kind of funny. Kinda not, though, because I really wanted it to work. I bought it in the terracotta color, which was divine, but the fit could never work for me. So if you're my size, it prob won't work for you, either :(((

What do you guys think of this style of post? Was it helpful? Have you purchased any of these items? Let me know!


*All images in this post are via Nordstrom.com.