The National Peanut Festival: Fair Fare

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Sunnies: Quay (Similar), Top: BP, Jeans: SP Black, Purse: Ralph Lauren (Similar), Lipgloss: Lorac, Nail color: OPI Gel

I can't begin to tell you how in love with this top I am. It's the perfect fall color, very flattering, and adorably bell-sleeved. Did I mention it's under $40? Can you even? I'm also beyond obsessed with these perfectly fitting jeans that I have worn, say, 300 times since I snagged them from Nordstrom earlier this month. Unfortunately, a few of the items I am wearing are either old or unavailable online, so I linked similar pieces. My favorite thing about this outfit is where I was able to wear it. 

I'd like to let you in on a little secret: I'm from the peanut capital of the world. I know; I know. How did I keep this quiet for so long? Why isn't this in my Instagram bio? Why don't I introduce myself to strangers this way? Simple. I don't like to brag. 

One of the plusses of living in said peanut capital is that we have a festival each year literally dedicated to—you guessed it—peanuts. The preferred colloquialism of The National Peanut Festival is "the fair," so whenever I mention the fair, this is the event to which I am referring. Got it? 

Each fall, the fair comes to town, and let me tell you, it is quite the experience. Have you ever heard of the people of Walmart? It's like that. But better. 

I'm not hating, though. Everyone is shocked when I tell them I love the fair. But it's true. And not even in an ironic sort of way. I just genuinely love it. 

Back in my day, I used to ride every ride at the fair. But the older I get, the more wary I am of amusement rides that have been assembled in three days by carnies. Maybe that's just me. Also, I went on a few rides last year, and my neck hurt for like two weeks afterward, so I guess I'm just too old for that sh*t.


This blog ain't called Fork & Frill for nothin'. As you should all know, I am ob-sessssed with food. And I'm not talking about just the fancy shmancy kind; I'm into it all. No pretension here, you guys. The foodie fare at The Nut Fest is legit my favorite part. Each year, I prep myself by choosing which few foods I will indulge in. Without a game plan, it just would not be good. 

2017 was the year of corndogs, cheese fries, blackberry cobbler, and banana pudding. I had the opportunity to go to the fair twice this year, and both times, I ate at the same two food booths. (I got the cheese fries at a different one, but I wouldn't recommend them. #srynotsry) There's a man at the fair literally called The Corndog Man, and people line up for the better part of an hour just to get their hands on his food. No, I'm not kidding. The fair was surprisingly uncrowded the day my boyfriend and I went, so we were able to procure our beloved corndogs with no problems. They were so delish that I wanted them again when I went the next day with my fam. (I take food v seriously, y'all.) 

If you've ever been to Dothan, you've prob also heard of The Dinner Bell. It's a local cafe that serves southern food buffet style that is (apparently) finger-lickin' good. (Full transparency, I've never actually eaten there, but the reviews online and of people I know are 100.)

Luckily for me, I was able to sample their desserts at the fair because they had their own booth. Y'all, I tried them for the first time last year, and I have been fantasizing about the blackberry cobbler ever since. I obviously had to get it again when I went with Phillip, and I decided to mix it up the next day and get the banana pudding—equally amazing. 

Since I didn't ride any rides this year other than the ferris wheel (tradition), the food was my main focus, and I have zero regrets. 

If you don't like southern food, I feel bad for you, son. We got 99 problems, but food ain't one. 

Have you ever been to The Nut Fest? (Is that not the worst name ever?) What's your fave fair food? Does your town have a fair? Tell me in the comments!