Nasty Gal and Oxblood Ankle Boots


So literally none of you know this about me, but I actually did my final case study of my graduate degree on the founder and former CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso. I think it would be reckless of me to ignore the toxic environment she created during her time at Nasty Gal (pregnancy shaming and all), but I can't help but find myself fascinated by her story. I'm not saying she's a good person (though I don't know her personally), but I do take interest in her girl bossness, and I can't help but follow her career. This isn't actually as out of nowhere as it may seem โ€” my bomber came from Nasty Gal (and is unfortunately sold out). I honestly can't get enough of metallic bombers right now. They add a fun sheen to any look while still keeping it casual. It's the bomb dot com. (See what I did there? [Yes. I cringed.])

I also want to let you know that these jeans are still some of my faves even going into the warmer months. Not convinced? You can summer-fy them with a white ruffle blouse or gingham top that would make them totally apropos for a country club brunch or a fun date night. I promise you'll grab for them again and again. I own this style of pant in denim, too, and every iteration that I have is utter perfection. 

Bomber: Nasty Gal (sold out), Similar, Similar, Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (sold out), Similar, Cami: Forever 21, Sunnies: Prada

Has anyone watched the Girl Boss series on Netflix? I'm super interested! Let me know your thoughts. And would you rock a metallic bomber?? They're not that intimidating; I promise!