My Favorite Easter Dress

the best easter dress


The Dress Of My Dreams

You guys know I fell in love with this beaut when I posted it on my Insta story and this blog post a couple of weeks ago. Well, I finally got it, and I have zero regrets.

Online shopping always maintains an ounce of mystery because you don't really know how an item is going to fit you until you get it in the mail and try that baby on. 

Well, this try-on sesh wasn't all rainbows and unicorns—let me tell ya. I was initially a little thrown because when I tried to wiggle this dress on, there was zero–I'm talkin' ZEER-OH extra room in the caboose if you catch my drift. My only critique with this dress is that the zipper should go down an extra half an inch. It was a little too snug for mwah tbh. So snug, in fact, that I thought I was going to have to send this beauty back—sad day. LUCKILY I was feeling a little brave, so I positioned my body in the exact way necessary to shimmy it over my a-double-s, and then it fit like an absolute GLOVE. I'm actually in awe. 

I am typically a 2/4 (size S) in dresses, but thankfully I read numerous reviews and decided to size UP to a M. I would definitely suggest sizing up AT LEAST one size. (If you're super curvy, I would do two. If you're slim or have more narrow hips and a small bust, you should be fine with your normal size.)

The reason I love this dress so much is because it's so flattering. I have seen it on countless other bloggers, and it looks equally stunning on all of them. I love that it's super feminine and cute with just a dash of sexy—perfect

I styled it with these fun sunnies (ON SALE) and my go-to nude heels for spring and summer. It would also look cute with closed-toe heels and a cute clutch. 

The other thing I love about this dress is how versatile it will be for spring and summer. I can't wait to style it for weddings, date nights, and GNO! 

What are you wearing this Easter? Tell me in the comments or DM me on Insta!