8 Things She Actually WANTS for Valentine's Day

Best Valentine's Day Gifts


1. Schutz Pumps 2. Bp Ruffle Tee 3. Pink Popsocket 4. Cult Gaia Mini Ark 5. YSL Balm 6. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick 7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette 8. MAC Blush 

Did you just realize Valentine's Day is a week away? Are you not really sure of the difference between a matte and a cream? Do you get hot flashes whenever your wife forces you to go into Ulta? 

Yep. I thought so. You might be a man. If you're a man reading this blog post, it can only be for one reason: You need ideas of what to get your wife for Valentine's Day, and you need somewhere that delivers FAST

Surprise! I can help. Everything I linked today is from Nordstrom, so as long as you order by February 7th, then you're golden. 

These are eight things I promise your wife/girlfriend/FWB/crush/mom/friend actually WANTS for Valentine's Day. (If you want even more Valentine's Day options, check out my Vday Shop page.) 

And if you're a woman reading this: Girl, you NEED all these things. I own everything except for the YSL gloss (need), shoes (want) and the bag (major want), but I recommend ALL of it. Don't wait for a man to get it for you. (I know I didn't.) GET IT FOR YOURSELF, GF! Hashtag self-care!

  1. Women's Schutz Blasiana Bow Pump.I am literally obsessed with these. They come in four colors, and each one is cuter than the last. This color is my fave, and they would be the literal perfect touch to a last minute V-day look. I need them. You need them. WE ALL NEED THEM. 

  2. Women's Bp. Double Peplum Ruffle Tee. A couple of you have already shopped this top from my LIKEtoKNOW.it, and I am so glad y'all are loving it as much as I am! As I mentioned on Insta, the color is waaaay more neon than it is pictured on the Nordstrom site, but it is even cuter in person. This top literally screams Valentine's Day, but it will be so cute in spring and summer, too. *weeps*

  3. Popsockets Black Metallic Diamond Cell Phone Grip & Stand. I was kind of late to the party on the whole popsocket trend, but LET ME TELL YOU how many people I have coerced into getting one since I did because I literally won't STFU about it: seven. SEVEN PEOPLE. Granted, most of them are family members, and one of them I live with, BUT that's hardly the point. This is the EXACT popsocket I have, and it is literally life-changing. Well. As much as a phone accessory can be life-changing. This is the phone case I have that goes with it, but this metallic pink popsocket would complement almost any case. Stunning city, population: one. 

  4. Cult Gaia Mini Ark Handbag, BeigeSo I may or may not have just purchased this bag. Who's to say?? I was on the fence about including this one or the pink version (for the V-day theme, obv), but I felt like this one was more versatile, so I just went with it. With that said, I absolutely love both. If I didn't have to pay any bills this month (lol), you better believe I would get the pink one, too. I regretted not getting the beige last year because it sold out literally everywhere, and I promise you it WILL sell out this year, too. So if you are even considering, I say go for it. The beige will legit go with anything for spring and summer, and it will never go out of style. It also comes in a small and a large version, which are equally chic as the mini

  5. Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Liquid BalmNothing says luxury like YSL. As I mentioned, I haven't tried this product yet, but I've heard great things, and how effing adorable is the container?! Ummmmm too cute. It's supposed to be a high-shine formula that lasts and protects your lips like a balm. Count. Me. In. I want to try every one of the colors *heart eyes emoji*. This is the perfect last-minute gift for any girl this Vday. 

  6. Charlotte Tilbury 'Hot Lips' Lipstick"Caitlyn, another lip product?" YES. Valentine's equals kisses equals lipstick, DUH. I have this stick in 'Super Cindy' and love itttt. I also want it in Bosworth's Beauty, Kim K.W., and Electric Poppy. There's a reason this stick is such a blogger fave. It lasts all day, is super pigmented, and the colors—THE. COLORS. I also love the names. They're all worth the $$$ "I have enough lipstick." - said no woman ever. I also like the idea of getting two colors for the indecisive betch *raises hand*

  7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Palette. I literally would be fine with my job just paying me in Glow Palettes. Have you *SEEN* these colors?! *Chandler Bing voice* I have this palette in another color, and I am ob-sessed. I dropped it on axxy (abbrev for accident, keep up), and I almost cried. When you buy one of these palettes, it literally (ok not literally) becomes a part of you. You are the palette now. I was trying to talk myself out of buying this one, BUT OOPS THINK I JUST TALKED MYSELF INTO IT LOL SORRY BANK ACCOUNT. I also love that this brand swatches on different skin tones (as they all should), so you'll actually know what the highlight looks like on YOUR skin. Winner winner chicken dinner. Mmmmm now I want chicken. 

  8. MAC Powder Blush. Ok. I lied. I don't think I own this, either. BUT I WANT IT. I have, like, 14 blushes I need to finish before I buy another one, but this one is the one I'm eyeing. I love basically anything by MAC. Can you even go wrong?? Their lipsticks are some of my faves, and I'm sure this blush is just as fab. The colors are what got me. The color shown is "Lovecloud" (how apropos), and I. Am. Here. For. It. This blush also comes in approxiamtely 734583902 colors (shown here), so you, your sister, your mom, your bestie, and that b*tch Karen at work can all find shades you LOVE and want to make your Valentines. Make those cheeks POP, gurl

Peace ~n~ Blessings

What did you think of my V-day For Her round-up? Obviously I'm obsessed, but I'm a little biased. Tell me what you're getting yourself for Valentine's Day!