Laser Hair Removal: Is It Worth It?

In a word? Yes.

Who hates shaving their entire body? *Raises hand repeatedly*

For me, shaving my lower legs and underarms was the. worst. So, I decided to not do it anymore. Like, ever.

Enter: laser hair removal. 

Laser has been a literal miracle. I had my lower legs done starting last summer, and I just completed my underarm treatments last month. I shave my lower legs like once every two weeks now, and I shave my underarms almost never. And it's effing amazing.  


Does it hurt? Hell yes it hurts! You're literally getting hair zapped out of your body semi-permanently (more on this later). It shouldn't be a walk in the park. My aesthetician told me that if the pain isn't a "strong six" on the owy scale, then your treatment is not going to be as effective. True story. Also, if you're not being overwhelmed by the delightful smell of burning hair, then your settings probs aren't high enough. Just saying. 


Is it, like, super expensive? Depends. For my legs and underarms, it cost $125+ per treatment per area. In your location, it may cost more or less. Laser is not something I would really "shop around for" as far as prices, though. I mean, don't let anyone charge you an arm and a leg, but if it's super cheap, that gives you reason to be a little suspicious. I would, however, discuss your treatments with a couple different medical spas, if possible, just to be aware of your options. You want to feel totally at home with your laser destination and with its staff. After all, you're going to have to see these people once every 4-6 weeks for months, so you might as well like them. 

Lasting Effects

So does it last forever? Well, yes and no. It depends on your body hair, who does your laser, your hormones, and what type of laser your spa uses. I have really coarse body hair (ugh), so even the slightest lessening of hair growth for me was welcomed. I may not be totally hairless in the areas I lasered, but the infrequent hairs that do grow back are soooo much finer than they used to be. My leg hair has always grown at a faster rate than my underarm hair, so I am noticing that I have to shave that still; whereas with my underarms, I've shaved once in like a month. It's so liberating. Even if you experience no hair growth after your laser treatments, you may still grow the hair back as your hormones shift. It is also recommended to go back and get touch-ups every so often (like once a year) to extend the life of your laser treatments. For me, all in all, laser has been totally worth the upfront expense, and I plan to do more body parts later on. 

Tips & tricks

  • Definitely shave before your laser appointment, but don't wax the area you want lasered for at least a month before your treatment.
  • Schedule your sessions for when you aren't going to be exposed to the sun. Some people were like ?? when I decided to start my leg treatments in the summer, but I am never in the sun, so that wasn't an issue for me. But If you're a beach baby, keep that in mind when you book your treatments. Changes in pigmentation can affect the laser settings you should be using, and if you're settings are off, you run the risk of being burned. Yikes
  • Take a pain reliever before if you're pain averse. It's not supposed to be excruciating, but it's definitely not all rainbows and unicorn frappes in there. Nor should it be.
  • Don't be freaked out if you have some redness or weird little bumps afterward. I was pretty sure I was dying after my first lower leg session because I had both of these side effects. It turns out it is totally normal for some people, and it was nothing to hyperventilate over or obsessively Google.
  • Be honest with your laser tech if your treatments are not giving you your desired results/hurt like a mother trucker. Be realistic about what you want to achieve, but if a certain type of laser, for example, isn't killing enough hair for your taste, tell someone. And like I said, if the pain in unbearable, something might be wrong, so don't suffer in silence.

Have you had laser? What did you think?? Let me know in the comments. <3