Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Review

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Review

After many months of interest, research, and skepticism lite, I took the plunge and bought a Kylie lip kit—three in fact. 

The reviews on these lip kits are plentiful and VARIED. I am a total research nerd when it comes to anything—especially beauty, so I always take my time to peruse reviews when leaning into new products. 

I don't want to turn this post into a Kardashian-Jenner propaganda thread, but suffice it to say that I like them and—dare I say—respect them as entrepreneurs *gasp*.  No, I'm not into everything they do or stand for. But I do think they're gorgeous, entertaining, and savvy AF. 

...Moving on. I'll preface this by saying that I am not a matte lipstick lover. I honestly feel like some people's lip chemistries don't jive well with matte products, and unfortunately, I am one of them. HOWEVER, I do love mixing matte lip colors with glosses and creamier formulas for a perfectly pigmented pout.  

Initial reaction: Meh

So the circumstances for my first application were admittedly not great. I hadn't exfoliated my lips prior to applying. I hadn't test swatched the color. I hadn't even really played around with it at all before its big debut on my lips.

I didn't use a lip primer, gloss, or any other lip product when wearing it the first time. I even test drove the formula to a huge family dinner with my in-laws (not smart). So suffice it to say that the lip kit and I didn't start off on the right foot, and it was mostly my fault. If I had rated it at this point, I prob would given it a "2."


I found the lipstick to be incredibly drying. I also feel like from an aesthetic standpoint, matte sticks do tend to accentuate any lip flaws you may have (dryness, flakes, lines, creases--all of it), so that's something to be aware of when trying out matte products. 

Additionally, I feel like my actual application of the lipstick was way too heavy-handed. This influenced me to Google—a lot. According to my research, Kylie doesn't use the lip kit how I originally envisioned or how I actually applied it. Watching her apply the lip kit on Snap Chat or whatever was eye-opening. 

Instead of using the lip liner to only line your lips, you actually need to cover your whole lips with it and only apply the liquid lipstick to the inner lip areas. I also noticed that she blotted the lip stick outward with her finger instead of the lip wand, which is what I used when I first applied it. 

Kylie Cosmetics review

The colors: Me likey

The colors I settled on were Kristen, One Wish, and Show Off. And I honestly love all three. Kristen is described as a "warm brown berry" on the site, but on me, it looks pretty damn red (not in a bad way). I would say that it definitely is a warm red because there are brown undertones instead of blue (thank God), which I think definitely works with my olive complexion. Think: mauve brown meets maroon meets brick. I wear this shade when I want my eyes to be the total focal point. It's a very commanding color, so it's great for a statement lip, but it's not one I would wear daily. 

One Wish might be my fave just because it's a beautiful, low key color that works for everyday. I've definitely used it the most of the colors I bought because it's a neutral that is as appropriate for work as it is for night.  One Wish is a dusty pink that would flatter many skin tones. I think there's a peachy undertone that gives it a fun little twist. I've also gotten great use out of the lip liner as I wear it with other lipsticks and glosses as well. Love it for date night because it's sweet yet sultry. 

Show Off is GORGEOUS! This is such a fun summery color that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a punchy coral. I love mixing this stick with other shades. I also like to gloss it up with some Aquaphor. (Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.) This color is very vibrant, but it's easy to tone down if needed. Show Off is a phenomenal weekend lipstick that's screaming to be worn for GNO. I get like 400 compliments every time I wear it. 

*Check out my Instagram stories today to see the IRL colors. These all look muted because of the photo filter. 

Final result: 4/5 Frills

It took about three tries to get my lip kits lookin' right. But I am now very satisfied with how they all apply and how they look. I wouldn't say the formula is revolutionary or flawless, but the colors are absolutely stunning, the pigment stays put, and they aren't any more drying than other mattes out there, especially if you mix them and apply them as I suggested.I highly recommend you give them a shot! 

Have you tried Kylie cosmetics lip kits before? What are your thoughts?