How to Get Long Nails: Tips & Tricks

How to Get Long Nails

Want long, gorgeous nails? I mean, don't we all? This post will explore the tips and I tricks I use to get long nails easily at home. 

I fully believe that nail growth has a lot to do with genetics, but even so, there are ways to ensure your nails stay long and strong despite the genetic cards you were dealt. 

Stop Biting

This seems simple, but you wouldn't believe how many ladies tell me that they want long nails, yet they can't stop biting theirs?? It's like the opposite of Nike: Just. Don't. Do. It. 

Not only is biting your nails literally disgusting -- I'm a total germaphobe so this makes me gag just thinking about it -- it's also the actual antithesis of what you should be doing if you want long nails. 

Stressed af and need a fix? Chew sugarfree gum instead. Leave your poor nails out of this! 

If you won't stop for yourself, do it for me. And just know that I will be judging if you don't!

Try Collagen 

Collagen is a form of protein naturally occurring in the body. As we age, we tend to produce less collagen, which affects our nails (among many other things). Collagen in powder form is easily digestible, and it promotes the healthy function and regeneration of skin, hair, and nails. 

I use a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides each morning in my Fab Four smoothie, and I am obsessed. I've been doing this for a month now, and I am already planning to buy it in bulk because it's just that good. I don't want to risk running out!

I use this kind, which is "unflavored," but I definitely recommend blending it into a smoothie or something tasty because I tried it in unflavored water one time, and it was 

I'm actually going to make a separate post about collagen because I am literally obsessed, but suffice it to say that as long as you aren't intolerant, allergic, or a vegan/vegetarian, you definitely need to add this to your daily healthcare arsenal. You. Need. It. 

Check Your Diet

Are you drinking enough water?

Are you getting enough protein?

Major h20 consumption and protein-rich foods play a huge part in nail health. Fill up your cute pink Yeti with filtered water, pack some fresh fish for lunch, and thank me later. 

Nail health is a reflection of what is going on in your body internally, so you need to make taking care of yourself a priority from the inside-out. 

Skip Acrylics 

Acrylics are bad news bears. You know this. But sometimes you just need to hear it (or read it, as it were). I've only had fake nails once it my life (senior prom), and it was a huge, huge mistake. My natural nails took months. MONTHS. to get back to a healthy state. It was grotesque. 

Acrylics hinder the natural growth cycle of your nails, not to mention how unsanitary they are (ew I'm a germaphobe I told you), and how bad it is to have your nail beds constantly ground down. Yikes on trikes. 

I know bare nails can seem bobo, and constantly chipping and reapplying polish can be excessive and super annoying. What's my trick? Enter: gel (or dip powder). I get my nails gel polished every two-three weeks, and it allows my nails to grow without breaking or chipping the polish. 

There are downsides to gel (UV lights in some gel polish dryers, and some say gel doesn't let your nails "breathe"), but for me, the pros outweigh the cons. And gel is still a much safer nail alternative to acrylics. 

Give Your Nails a Break

So in college (I know this will be hard to believe for y'all), but I literally went almost a full year without painting my nails or toes. TRIGGER WARNING: I heard about this girl getting a nasty infection from a pedicure, and it shook me to my core. I skipped salons (and polish!) for the better part of ten months, and my nails honestly have never been healthier. 

I slowly slipped back into my mani/pedi addiction (hey it's better than drugs), but I tryyy (not always successfully) to take a full polish break for a few days every other month. If I'm being honest it's probably been like six months for me, but I'm trying to do better *insert monkey covering eyes emoji*. 

Wash Dishes with Gloves 

Again, germaphobe here, so dirty dishes gross me out for obvious reasons. But if I'm forced (literally forced) to do the dishes, I insist on wearing gloves. If I'm in a hurry/don't have gloves/can't find someone to do them for me, I always, always, always regret not wearing them. 

Obviously if you have any kind of polish on your nails, dish soap and the gritty grime from old food can be aggressive. The chemicals in the soap can also break down your nail bed. Creepy, right? 

Always wear dish gloves, or force your bf to do them for you. (Thanks, babe!)

Don't Forget Your Cuticles

Make sure you keep them moisturized, but also don't go crazy with excessive manicures. I probably get like one "manicure" a year. I can rub lotion on myself, thanks, and I always feel unsafe when they get all snippy with the cuticle scissors. Opt for a cuticle push-back instead.

When you are constantly getting your cuticles trimmed, you are opening up your nail beds to germs and bacteria. Cuticle care is essential to nail health, so make sure you don't let yours go unnoticed. 

And whatever you do, please don't bite them. That's even worse than biting your nails *cringe*. 

My new cuticle obsesh is massaging them. I massage my face, my man, and my kale -- why not my nails? I use this oil to promote healthy blood flow to my nailbeds, and I can't recommend it enough. 

Let me know if you have any other nail questions! I get asked for nail tips all the time, so I thought this would be an informative, fun post to share with you all. Did this nail post provide you with value? What other beauty posts would you like to see on Fork & Frill? Tell me in the comments! 

Cheers, loves!