Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Man

Gifts for Him (1).png

Y'all already know I have a thing for holiday gift guides. This one is especially near and dear to my heart because I am constantly surrounded by women who don't know what to get their man for Christmas. Do you know what you're getting your husband, boyfriend, FWB, or fiancé for Christmas yet? If not, this gift guide is totally for you. There is a wide range of prices in this guide, so you can gauge what to get the man in your life off of how long you've known him, how close you two are, and what he gave you for Christmas ;) ... I kid. (But really though.) It's a rarity that I post about men's stuff (because ew), but this blog is all about helping women, and if this simplifies at least one of your Christmas shopping experiences, then I've done by job. #selfless

1. YETI Rambler Mug Umm, what human wouldn't want this? I have like three of these, and they are perf for water, coffee, wine, etc. Your man will adore this. Trust me. 

2.  Men's Minnetonka 'Casey' Slipper I don't care what your man says, he'll love these damn slippers. They're cozy, comfy, and honestly kind of sexy? Men like to pretend they don't like things like this, but tell him to shut up and enjoy the bedroom shoes. <3

3. One Bella Casa There's a Chance Vodka Whiskey Mugs One for him, and one for you? Yes, please. 

4. Men's Nordstrom Men's Shop Buffalo Check Trim Fit Sport Shirt Rawr. There's something about a man in buffalo check ...

5. Sony DJ Style Over-Ear Headphones He can put these on when you're complaining about him not taking out the trash. 

6. HANES Hanes 2-pk. Flannel Pajama Pants I told you; I have a thing for buffalo check. He can wear these while he's making you breakfast, and you can totally steal them afterwards. Let's face it—men's pajama pants are so much more comfortable than women's! Can I get an amen?

7. Northern Lights Maple Bacon Down to Earth Camp Candle Do you really want your man's place to smell like maple bacon? IDK. But I do know that it's better than the stench of burnt toast and old farts. *shrugs*

8. T. Anthony Men's Toiletry Case Men have stuff, too. You know your man's fragile masculinity would never allow him to take a purse, so you might as well get him a toiletry case to put all is travel things in. You're the best girlfriend ever.

9. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) He better be giving you a Louis Vuitton this Christmas. That's all I'm saying. 

Have you checked out my bestie gift guide yet? What other gift guides do you want to see for the holidays?