Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Bestie

Holiday Gift Guide

Freaking out about what to get your bestie for the holidays? Fret no more! This is the ultimate holiday bestie gift guide! All items are well under $100, and you can totally choose one or pair a couple together for the perfect best friend present! You're welcome. 

Hello, Bestie. 

1.  Lorac 'Alter Ego' Lip Gloss  My fave shade is "Secret Agent." I wear it almost everyday, and it's universally flattering. She'll love it! 

2. Ashley Brooke Designs Lip Travel Mug Obvi the theme of this guide is LIPS. I'm personally obsessed with lip everything—stick, gloss, prints—give me all of it. Plus your bestie will thank you for making her coffee totally Instagrammable. 

3. Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette You're, like, really nice if you give this to your friend for Christmas. 

4. The Casery Lips iPhone Case What? You thought we were done with lip prints? I'm going to assume everyone has an iPhone (if not, we have bigger fish to fry), so do your best friend a fave and buy. her. this. case. 

5. Diptyque Baies Scented Candle Would I even be a blogger if I didn't recommend this candle? You need it. Your friend needs it. Beyoncé needs it. (She prob already has it, but you get my point.)

6.  bkr Glass Water Bottle I don't own this. But I want it. And your bestie will, too. You're such a good friend. 

7. S'well Champagne Bottle Champagne, honey, yas. Is this the chicest f*cking way to drink water, ever? Probably. 

8. W&P Design Pineapple Tumbler Speaking of chic drinks, this fully functional pineapple tumbler is equal parts on trend and bar cart-ready. 

9. NCLA x Sivan Nail Laquer I am a nail polish FREAK. I'm super picky, too, but I fully endorse this gorgeous shade from the Sivan Ayla x NCLA collab. My fave blogger + one of my fave nail polish brands? Yes, please.

10. Halogen Large Gold Earrings I've mentioned these before, and they're still perf. Grab them for yourself and your best girl! #twinning

11. Sephora Collection Makeup Bag I'm a sucker for text-centric anything. This sweet little thing is charming and can hold alotta shiznit despite its petite size. Your girlfriend will LOVE it. And you! 

What are you getting your bestie for Christmas? What other gift guides would you like to see on Fork & Frill? I'd love to know! <3