13 Reasons Why Fries are Better Than Guys

fries before guys

Sweatshirt: Brunette The Label, Clutch: Vici Collection, Earrings: Gorjana, Jeans: SP Black

Guys. I am so into sweatshirts this season. Prepare to see a few more on the blog soon. In high school and college, I would have described my personal style as super girly and borderline fussy. But the older I get, the more ease I want out of my wardrobe. I am still obviously into frocks and frills, but I have developed a deeper appreciation for casual style and how to make that just as chic as dressier, more feminine looks. 

Phillip bought me this fab sweatshirt a couple of months ago, and it's just gotten cold enough in Alabama to shoot it. Let me just say: I'm obsessed. I'm all for graphic clothing in general, but I can't get over how comfortable it is. Y'all know I have an affinity for grey sweaters, so this little number fits right into my existing arsenal. 

I'm also really into the lighting of this shoot. I normally try to make the look of all my photos as cohesive as possible, but we shot right at sundown last weekend, and it was cool to see how quickly the light changed in the ten minutes we were shooting. 

The slogan (life mantra?) on my sweatshirt isn't something I actually believe, but I thought it would be appropos to come up with a few reasons why fries are, in fact, better than guys. 

  1. Fries don't complain when you spend $300 at Sephora.
  2. When fries are salty, it's a good thing. 
  3. Fries don't have mothers-in-law. 
  4. Fries never forget to text you back.
  5. Fries can be hot without being douchebags.
  6. Fries don't have ex-girlfriends.  
  7. It's ok when your friend asks to share your fries. 
  8. Fries never judge when you cry at puppy videos. 
  9. Fries don't call you indecisive. 
  10. Fries never ask to see the receipt. 
  11. Fries aren't emotionally unavailable.
  12. Fries don't ask why you need to go to Target everyday. 
  13. Fries never send you drunk texts. 

How do you feel about the sweatshirt trend this season? Into it or nah?