Friday Frills: June

friday frills june

Hello, lover!

Welcome to my new series: Friday Frills (love it!). Each month, I'll be sharing some things I am loving lately. I would say "each week," but I don't want to over promise. ;)

This series may include anything: clothes, skincare, home goods, accessories, books, podcasts—WHATEVER. Literally just anything I am loving enough to share with you guys. This post will include NO sponsored items, ever, so you know that I am sharing everything because it is 100 percent that good. 

Trader Joe's Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum So yeah. I bought face serum from the same place I buy cookie butter and wine. REAL LIFE PEOPLE. This product actually has kind of a cult following (weird, I know), and I can now fully understand why. My skin type is acne-prone oily/combination, but something I really struggle with is DEHYDRATION. And yes, I drink more than enough water daily, so I just have to combat dehydration topically just as much as I do internally. Hyaluronic acid is the shiz because water attaches to the molecule, and it actually holds 1000 times its weight in water. Cool, right? This serum is effective, easy to apply, and inexpensive AF. It's eight dollars, y'all. EIGHT. DOLLARS. I've been using it nightly for a couple of weeks now, and though I wouldn't call it a miracle product, it really has noticeably increased my skin's hydration, and I actually look forward to applying it. When I apply it in the morning, I also notice that my makeup goes on so much more smoothly. Worth every penny. 

*Unfortunately, it's not available online so you're going to have to snag it in store.

Friday Frills Fork & Frill

Target Reusable StrawsOk, I am far from preachy when it comes to Mother Earth, but I am a firm believer that this is our planet—our home, and we should always treat it as such. It really is something we should all give more of a shit about. If you know me at all, you know I am literally addicted to straws. I shudder to think about how many single-use straws I have thrown away in my lifetime, but I promise I'm trying to do better. I found these straws at Target a while back, and though it wasn't love at first suck, they have definitely grown on me. If you are an avid straw user like myself, I urge you to make the switch from disposable plastic straws to a more eco-conscious option. These silicone ones are PERFECT for my morning smoothies. I even drink my coffee out of them. I've used other types of environmentally conscious straws in the past, and trust me, they don't all match up. Give these a shot. I promise you'll like them and feel better about yourself, too. Win-win. 

Nordstrom Popsocket This is pretty random; I know. But I can't stop gushing about this damn pop socket. I bought it for myself well over six months ago, and I am still infinitely in love with it. Using it so second nature to me now that when people comment on it, I am always surprised. This, much like the straws, took some "getting used to," but I'm really glad I stuck it out because now, I'm obsessed. This popsocket makes the countless hours I spend on my phone so much more bearable. It also makes a convenient phone stand when watching or recording videos. Did I mention its 15 bucks? You need. Total gamechanger. 

This edition of Friday Frills ended up being super thrifty! Sadly, that will not always be the case because I am all about a high-low moment. But I do promise to always keep it real with you guys and only include stuff I love love LOVE (at all price points). I hope you enjoyed checking out this new series, and I'd love to hear your honest feedback! Tell me in the comments. <3

Until next time,