Cheap Frills: Three Drugstore Beauty Products I Use Everyday


You guys know I love a cheap frill. I am all for investing when necessary, but if there is a less expensive option that works just as well, SIGN ME UP. 

These are three drugstore products I SWEAR by. I use them literally every day. 

Covergirl Lash Exact

Dare I say this is the best mascara on earth? Eyelash volume is fine, but I am a SUCKER for length. This mascara is super lengthening, not clumpy, and the formula lasts. Don't you hate when you buy a new tube of mascara and it basically congeals or disintegrates in two weeks? Yeah, this one doesn't do that. I do alternate between this one and other mascaras, but I always ALWAYS come back to this one. It is a better formula than any other mascara I have ever used, and it's a fourth of the price of most designer ones.  You're welcome. My only bone to pick with this one is that it's very hard to track down. I can sometimes luck up on it in person, but more often than not, I have to buy it online. 

Cetephil Gentle Face Cleanser

This product has a cult following for a reason. As a blogger, I am constantly trying new beauty products to write about and experiment with for you guys. The problem with this is that I have VERY sensitive skin. I'll try any mascara, eyeshadow, or lipgloss you want, but a beauty product I have to be very careful about experimenting with is my cleanser. I've tried several in the past, and with almost every one of them, I would have some kind of reaction Not great. Even if I do use another cleanser after this one at night, I still use this one every night to remove my makeup and do an initial cleanse of my skin. It's also ALL I use when my skin is flaring up from other products. It's gentle, soothing, and it lasts forever. Def recommend. 

Schick Intuition Razor

I've been using these razors for YEARS. My sensitive skin isn't just on my face; it's on my body, too. So I have to be super careful with what I apply—anywhere. These razors are the only ones that don't leave me with icky razor burn. I have very stubborn, coarse hair by nature, so these Intuition razors are the perfect balance of gentle and effective. I have my underarms and lower legs lasered, but I still use these everywhere else. If you have sensitive skin, you should totally check these out. They are pricey, but they are soooo worth it. And they make shaving cream a thing of the past. Girl bye. 

What are your favorite drugstore products? Have you tried any of mine?