Blogger Babe Series: Dominique Bagnoche

Dominique Bagnoche

I'm excited to bring to you the second post in my Blogger Babe Series! If you're not already familiar, within this series, I will be picking the brains of some of the most creative and inspiring style bloggers, and I'm super excited to have you along for the ride! 

This week's blogger is Dominique Bagnoche of the self-titled blog, Dominique Bagnoche. I've been following Dominique on Insta for a while, and I am ob-sessed with her personal style and her feed's aesthetic—SO good, y'all! Her blog is equally captivating. Dominique's vibe pairs edge with whimsy, and I am all about it. Her writing style is beautiful and poignant, and I enjoy reading each post even more than the last. She is gorgeous, smart, and the perfect mix of classic and trendy. If you aren't following her already, you need to get on that, like, now. I'm so glad I got to interview her! You're going to love her answers! <3

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Blogger Babe: Dominique Bagnoche

Name: Dominique Bagnoche

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Title: Dom Bagnoche

How would you describe your signature style? My style is chic yet approachable and classic, I like to follow and style new trends but I’m also a college student living in the Midwest who loves classic looks. 

Who is your ultimate style crush? Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules!

What is your favorite trend this season? My two favorites right now are colorful faux fur coats, especially in pink. And then I’m also obsessed with logo and graphic tees. There so interesting and can be worn in so many ways. 

What do you want for Christmas? A break from college! But seriously, I would love just to have a calm, peaceful, and relaxing Christmas holiday. 

What inspired you to start your blog? I was inspired to start the blog after losing my mother to cancer a little under a year ago. I was a junior in college during this time. I wanted to create a platform that I could write about a lot of different things on but it was also a way to help me cope and put my free time into something positive. 

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What are your favorite types of posts to write? This is a hard one because I am constantly coming up with new post ideas, but I would say my absolutely favorite are posts that can tie fashion and travel together in some way. I love providing content with useful information, however, I also enjoy being more casual with readers as well. 

Who is your blog’s target audience? Young women who love fashion and travel, but maybe aren't sure of how they can incorporate it into their lives. I do openly write about losing my mom to cancer at the age of 20, and the number of messages and stories I hear from readers on these books never fail to make me tear up. So I’m not sure if it’s normal or correct to have two but they are two types of completely different readers, and I enjoy writing for both. 

What social media platform do you use the most? I use Instagram the most but I love Pinterest as well. 

How long have you been blogging? I have had my website for a little over a year but I've been active on social media for years sharing travel experiences since I first traveled abroad when I was 15 years old. 

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How has your blog evolved since you started? My website’s design has improved throughout the past year and I have started to add a lot more images and even videos. I have found people love visuals and the trend isn’t going anywhere so I am embracing that and I’m loving it! I think being 21 years old I am evolving a lot, and my blog is very personal so it will continue to evolve as I do.

Any advice for people who want to break into blogging? My best advice for people who want to start blogging is not to think too much and just start. Figuring out your style and aesthetic for your blog posts, photography, etc. takes a lot of time, I'm still always trying to figure out how I can make mine even better or more of what I want it to be. If I waited to have a perfect website, blog posts before I started posting, I'm not sure if I would've ever even posted! 

What’s your favorite post you’ve written so far? I would say the post I wrote on my mother’s 1 year anniversary of passing away

Anything else you’d like to add? Thank you for interviewing me! - Dominique Bagnoche

I told you she was awesome!

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