Cookies on Demand: 5 Store-bought Cookies Worth Trying


Cookies are life. Can we agree? I know; I know. Cookies are "full of sugar" and "fattening" and "terrible for you." And by that, you mean delicious. There's nothing as good as homemade, but these five cookies come close. Like, really close.

5. Chick-fil-A Chocolate Chunk 

Ooey gooey goodness. This flavor filled mouth fest is delicious, oaty, and delightfully moist (hate that word, but you get it). They're delish when slightly warmed, and they are the perfect ending to a CFA eight count situation. And make sure you check out the icedream cookie sandwich. Yummm. 

4. Great American Cookie Colossal M&M 

We all know GAC is known for their .... cookies, but this one is the BEST of the best. It's big, it's chocked full of candy, and it's soooo good, y'all. The "normal" sized version of this is tasty, but the colossal M&M is PERFECT. Pair with water so you can enjoy the candy's full effect.

3. Panera Chocolate Chipper

Panera has great soups (broccoli cheddar, what up), delish drinks, and mouth-watering pastries. I love a few of their cookies tbh (monster cookie, looking at you), but their classic chocolate chip is the shining star. Heat it up a little, and taste your dreams come true. 

2. Full Moon Famous Half-moon Cookie 

Little known fact: I'm obsessed with barbecue. Full Moon not only has great Q, their signature cookies are freaking phenom. They're nutty, chewy, and fabulous af. Did I mention they're less than a dollar? Holler! 

1. Insomnia Double Chocolate Chunk

Have you been to Insomnia? Literally every cookie I've tried is amazing. Be that as it may, their double chocolate chip cookie is their pièce de résistance. They're gooey, flavorful, and very Instagrammable. Insomnia is also open late, so yeah, they win.