Cheap Frills: Plaid Button-downs + Target Tips

plaid shirts for women

1. Target Plaid 2. Old Navy Classic Flannel 3. Sanctuary Boyfriend Plaid 4. Express Tie Button-down 5. Sanctuary Western Button-up

Do we still say "fleek" ...? 

Has anyone else been totally caught off guard by how cold it has been in Alabama this week!? I was. not. ready. for. it. And neither was my wardrobe. Which brings me to my theme this week: chic scarves! 

I freaking LOVE scarves, you guys! They are so adorbs and such an easy outfit add-on. Not to mention they actually serve a purpose. For someone who is perpetually freezing like I am, scarves are an absolute must. 

As you can see from my choices this week, I definitely have a thing for patterned scarves. I wear a lot of plain solid tops, so scarves with a little extra something-something always bump my outfit up a notch. All of my choices are less than $100, and each come highly recommended. 

Make sure you tune in to the Saje Cox Fitness Sisters FB group next Friday at 12 p.m. because my video will feature multiple ways to style a blanket scarf. I don't want to leave you hanging until then, though, so I'll give you a little preview of some of my fave ways to style a scarf. All of these would look perf with a solid white tee, dark skinny jeans, and a moto jacket. I also really love to pair scarves with light thermals and jumpers. And last but not least, you can jazz up a work lewk by adding a scarf to a solid top, pencil skirt, and cardigan. 

I'm totally obsessed with all of these scarves, but make sure you grab a lint roller (especially if you're wearing a black top!). You don't want to be a linty lady! ;) #embarrassing 

P.S: I especially love the first one because it's effing REVERSIBLE. *weeps* 

Happy Friday, loves! Is anyone else celebrating Halloween this weekend? Make sure you check out my horror movies post to get pumped for this spooky holiday!