Blogger Brunch x The Summit Birmingham


If you've been stalking my Insta lately, then you know I attended a fabulous Blogger Brunch hosted by The Summit in Birmingham a couple of Saturdays ago. I was literally so excited when I saw the invite. This was my first blogger event, and it was at The Summit (which is one of my favorite places on Earth). I basically passed out when I saw the invite hit my inbox.

I also noticed that the invitation mentioned brunch, flower crowns, and mid-morning cocktails. Um, hey. Just one of those would have been enough for me to go. All three? See you there! Pleaseandthankyou. 

I also love the idea of mingling with other like-minded boss babes. (You can check out a list of all the beautiful bloggers who attended at the bottom of this post so that you can give them a follow, too!) 

I was a little nervous because I hadn't met any of the other bloggers, but they were all super sweet and fun, so I felt right at home.

As I walked up, the champagne was flowing (for mimosas obv), and the appetizer trays were brimming with treats. This was all a precursor to actual brunch, which was equally di-vine, y'all. Shoutout to Shindigs for all of the delightful eats. 

We brunched on the patio adjacent to Sephora (which I honestly had no idea even existed). It was gorgeously decorated by West Elm Birmingham. (I am obsessed with the pink napkins and gold flatware. I mean.) 

Before we brunched, we literally made those adorable flower crowns you see us wearing in the pics. TBH I was v apprehensive about the flower crown making situation. I am not a DIY girl because I am honestly just really bad at crafty things. Bryanna of Veraflora was soooo stinkin' sweet and helpful, though! She is legit the only reason I actually had a flower crown at all. I was def on the struggle buss, y'all. 

I promised you guys an embarrassing story. Well here it is. So for those of you not from Alabama, you may not understand how scorching hot it gets. This particular Saturday started out as perfect patio weather and transitioned into something much more — sweaty? 

Full disclosure: I was wearing petals. And I'm not talking about the flower variety. For the uninitiated, the way petals work is they adhere to your — uh-hmm — lady bits to prevent any kind of wardrobe malfunction a la Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl. 


Like I said, it was really hot, and sweat + adhesive doesn't end well ...

I was already struggling assembling my flower crown, but imagine my surprise when I look down and notice that one of my petals had slipped down from my dress and landed on the ground. Ohmygosh. 

I kind of panicked (as one does) and rushed over to my purse across the venue where I popped off my other petal out from under my dress. I told all the girls but apparently they didn't notice?? Either I'm ninja smooth or they are just being their sweet selves and not acknowledging the "situation." (Thanks y'all!) 

Despite Petal Gate 2017, I had the literal best time meeting all these new blogger babes. Huge thanks to The Summit for setting everything up. 

Venue: The Summit Birmingham 

Photography: Stacy Kate // Mountain Side Photo Co 

Eats: Shindigs

Flower crowns: Veraflora Design

Styling: West Elm Birmingham 


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