Mother's Day Presents She Actually WANTS

Best Mother's Day Gifts


Does Mother's Day ever stump anyone else?? I'm personally always at a loss for what to get my mom. (Because literally anything I've ever gotten her, she's never used. *eyeroll emoji* JK HI, MOM!) But this year ... THIS YEAR I think I've finally cracked the code. 

What do all mothers have in common? (Other than children.) Probably quite a few things, but I would say No. 1 would be: They love to relax. And they probably don't get to do it often enough. Am I right?

This Mother's Day gift guide is all about relaxing. Relaxation station, party of your mom. 

The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2018

  1. Barefoot Dreams RobeUmm. What's more relaxing than a plush robe? Don't worry; I'll wait. Barefoot Dreams is the famous blanket brand that the Kardashians love. And if anyone knows anything about relaxing it's probably them because they don't have real jobs. LOLJK I love them and Barefoot Dreams, and I think your mom will, too. 
  2. Jo Malone Travel Cologne Collection I am personally obsessed with Jo Malone. I got a perfume sample from this brand a few months ago, and I never looked back. I appreciate that their scents aren't over-the-top girly. They have feminine notes, but they are juxtaposed with gender neutral undertones. I like this collection because it's a little bit of everything. And any scent that your mom doesn't love, she can give straight to you. Win-win.
  3. Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Hydration Trio Is anyone else absolutely in love with this packaging? Meow! I've read nothing but great reviews about this heavenly little trio. It's the perfect starter kit for introducing your mom to some of the finer things in life: luxury products that are vegan and cruelty-free. She'll love this brand just as much as I do. Pinky promise.
  4. slip Pure Silk PillowcaseYas, queen. Who deserves sleep more than a mom? Uhhh. No one. This luxe silk pillowcase is exactly what your mom's dreams are made of. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, so you might as well live your dreams in style! <3
  5. Le Labo Sandal 33 Eau de Parfum— Even the name of this is chic AF. Again, I'm super into androgynous scents. Overly floral nonsense is so 2008, ladies. I've heard a little goes a long way, so opt for the smallest size, and you can snag your mom's gift for less than a hundo. Grab a cute card, and you're dunzo :)
  6. American Atelier Stemless Wine Glasses— Every mama loves wine! These wine glasses are great quality for such a reasonable price. If you're ballin' on a budget (relatable), these are great option. They're obvi perf for wine, but I'm extra and like to drink my iced coffee out of them, too. #versatile. They also come in gold—cute
  7. Tory Burch Monroe Flip Flop— These may seem a little random on this list, but I am a Tory Burch loyalist when it comes to flip flops. I'm of the belief that flip flops should be solely worn for beach days, pedicures, and driv-thru situations, but apparently I'm in the minority, so your mom would get even more use out of these than I do! They are the perfect pedi shoes, so she can wear them to the salon and rock some new polish in style. 
  8. MAC Lip Duo— Lipstick lovers, rejoice! Every lady likes MAC; I bet your mom is no exception. Sneak into her makeup drawer, and spy on her color palette. Opt for a MAC shade that is similar but not exact to other lip shades she owns. Did I mention this set is on sale??


For extra credit, you could totally make your mom a gift basket. Grab a cute, usable basket from HomeGoods or TJMaxx and fill it with three or four presents from this list! She'll love it! What are you getting mom for Mother's Day??