The Best Denim Jackets & How to Style Them


Denim jacket: Forever 21, Dress: ASOS, Bangles: Kendra Scott (old), Necklace: H&M, Rings: H&M


Denim jackets are like the LBDs of outerwear: chic, classic, and always on trend. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how I much a love a good blue jean jacket. One thing I really like about them is that they are so diverse. There are so many different styles and so many different ways to wear them. The options are literally endless. 

Four Easy Ways To Style Denim Jackets

Dresses— My favorite way to style a denim jacket is over dresses. As I've mentioned before, I am constantly cold. So I always make sure I have a denim jacket with me at all times especially if I am wearing a dress. Denim jackets look fab layered over wrap dresses, sundresses, T-shirt dresses, and everything in between. 

They're also a really easy way to dress down a look. I think there has been a wide-range style shift in the past few years that has rendered fashion overall more casual.  I remember in high school when everything I wore had to match and was super fussy. Today's fashion is so the opposite. Everything should be as effortless and chic as possible. That's why this trend works so well. Denim jackets are never trying too hard. They're just right. 

Bodysuits— Aren't bodysuits the sexiest?? You guys know I love sex appeal but in a way that's not super in your face. Bodysuits are a great way to achieve this. You have to be careful when selecting a bodysuit because they are not all created equally, but when you find one that works for you, you will literally live in it. I always prefer ones that have a crotch closure (LOL that sounded so gross, but you get what I'm talking about). This way you can go to the ladies' in PEACE and not completely strip down as if you were wearing a romper. 

Denim jackets really elevate the look of bodysuits because they balance out the sexy. It's hard to look like a skankasaurus in a denim jacket, y'all. (Unless that's your vibe, in which case, GET IT, BOO.) Even bodysuits that are more on the scandalous side can be toned down with an oversized denim jacket. Bonus: bodysuits are obviously on the thinner side of fabric, so layering a denim jacket will keep you warm in the movie theater, restaurant, and bar. 


Jumpsuits and rompers— I think I've finally outgrown my romper phase. That's not to say I'd never wear one again, but as I mentioned, I'm kind of over the whole get-naked-everytime-you-have-to-pee thing. But I do still LOVE a good jumpsuit moment. Jumpsuits are truly chic AF, and a denim jacket looks great with 99% of them. 

I rocked the HELL out of some denim jackets over rompers in college, and that trend is still going strong today. Denim jackets can make a girly romper a little more structured or it can add some "fun" to an otherwise serious jumpsuit. You literally can't go wrong. 

Canadian tuxedos— YES. You can wear denim on denim. In fact, I encourage it. I typically shy away from denims that are close in color or texture. I love the look of a white denim jacket with dark wash jeans or a mid-wash denim jacket with light distressed blue jean shorts. There are so many different ways to pair denim WITH denim, and I promise none of them will leave you looking like Justin and Britney circa the 2001 American Music Awards. Unless that's your thing. (I honestly loved it if I'm being honest.) 

This trend also really works with denim skirts. I'm very into the fact that denim skirts are having a MAJOR mo right now. You could rock this denim combo to run errands, to grab brunch, or even to a day date. And I am. here. for. it. 

My favorite kind of denim jackets may be embellished ones. You can shop my FAVE embellished denim jackets here, here, here, and here. Aren't these just so fun??

The main reason I like denim jackets so much is because they are so universally flattering. Anyone can pull off a denim jacket, and they are available in ALL price points. It doesn't get much better than this, y'all.


I've linked SEVERAL of my denim faves, so let me know which ones you love!  Would you rock the denim jacket trend? How would you style it?