Celebrating Margarita March With Bartaco

bartacosecret taco

Bartaco invited my beau and I to celebrate the launch of their secret taco. I'm usually really good at keeping secrets, but pssssssttt: it's a Mediterranean Kofta-inspired taco made with ground lamb, harissa, and topped with preserved lemon crema—yasssss!

The margarita-inspired cocktail we tried was equally as appetizing. National Margarita Day was February 22, and bartaco took it a step further to celebrate National Margarita MONTH—loves it. We tried the Spring Riser cocktail, and it is as tasty as it is cute. 

This was actually our first trip to bartaco, and it was a good one. Our meal started with the delish guac trio, fried plantains, and tuna poke. So YUM! I am a huge guacamole connoisseur, and I am especially picky because I make some homemade at least once a week. Well, let's just say bartaco's is definitely up to snuff. I love spicy guac, and bartaco's did not miss the mark for me. I had never had fried plantains before, but I LOVED them. And tuna poke is always a classic, right? Three apps might be a little extra for some people, but I honestly don't know if I could par down now that I've tried them all. 

Next, we were served like 984385309 tacos, and each one we tried was better than the last. We sampled the fish, portobello, cauliflower, falafel, ribeye, pork belly, rock shrimp, and, of course, the #bartacosecret taco. They were all AMAZING. My favorite was definitely the rock shrimp, though. #willworkforrockshrimp The secret taco was a CLOSE second.

We wanted to order dessert because their menu looked SO good, but we were literally so full from the tacos that we decided to be—UGH—responsible. (The churros and geleto were tooooo tempting, though.)

The staff and service were maybe even more impressive than the delicious and eclectic menu (...maybe). We spoke with both of the managers, and each of our servers were the bomb! They were all super sweet and helpful—exactly the kind of service you want when trying a new place. 

I would also like to mention how CUTE bartaco is. Easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants I've ever dined in. Everything is metallic and wooden—totally my vibe. It's the most perfectly Instagrammable taco spot EVA.

10/10 would recommend. Like, when you go can you take me with you??

Have you tried bartaco before? What is your go-to order? Tell me in the comments!