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Hi loves! I'm so excited to introduce you to the Style of the South series on Fork & Frill. This series focuses on chic southern visionaries and how they're changing the style game for good. Let's get started! 

Our first southern blogger babe is Andi Eaton of Oui We. I've actually known Andi for many, many years, and I knew she would be the perfect one to kick off this series. We met at South Walton Fashion Week when I was the social media assistant, and she was one of the Emerging Designers. Andi is a triple threat. She's a designer, a blogger, and an author. Excusemewhat? Is there anything she's not good at? The answer is no. When I saw Andi's collection at SWFW, I was instantly obsessed with her style that influences not only her designs, but her writing and photography as well. She's got an easy bohemian vibe that is equal parts vintage and modern. So basically I'm obsessed with her. Read on to see how she responded to my Q's, and make sure you follow this literal renaissance woman on the 'gram. Her photos are whimsical af and will give you major FOMO. And her style is beautiful, carefree, and authentic. You'll love her! <3


Name: Andi Eaton

Title: Author / Creative Director

City: NOLA + Nashville

What does a typical day look like in the life of Andi? It truly depends on where I am - I don’t have a standard work schedule... as a travel writer with a touring musician partner I’m either home working on a bevy of different assignments or doing projects on our new house in Nashville. Or - the other scenario is that I’m out on the road researching, photographing and documenting culture & style stories for Oui We.

If I were to give you a rundown of what a day looks like from start to finish it might be this:

Sleep until 8 or 8:30 (I’m a serious advocate for getting a full 8 hours, those people that get up at 5 blow my mind, and my boyfriend plays rock ‘n’ roll music, so inevitably we’re out late a lot for his work). I have morning beauty rituals and then I make smoothies and coffee for Ben and I every morning. I’m at my desk by 10, and if we’re traveling I’m at whatever makeshift desk I can find. If I’ve got a writing assignment or a blog post due I tune everything else out and focus in.

I’ll spend the next several hours on that and then on client projects (my team and I offer creative consulting services which is so incredibly enjoyable) and then by the afternoon I make time for personal creating - whether that’s taking photos or spending time outdoors in nature (or in the city, depending on where I am!), I get a lot of energy from exploring. In the evening I hippie out: I light some sage, do a half hour of yoga or so and cook dinner with wine and a good 70’s soundtrack. If we’re on the road we’ll find a tucked away restaurant and maybe meet up with friends. My pace of life is much slower living in Nashville than it was back home in New Orleans where there’s always a party.

What is your background in fashion and style? I worked in the beauty business for 12+ years, working for the product company AVEDA. When I left the brand I’d worked in sales, marketing, operations… the gamut really. I launched New Orleans Fashion Week in 2011, ran that program until 2015 and then started a clothing line in 2013. My mission was to keep a high priority focus on both the individual as a designer and the process of creation. During that time I started my first blog as a New Orleans focused style blog, I had no idea what I was doing, but loved the process of getting up every morning and writing about people that were inspiring me.

Around that time I opened a showroom to feature my own line as well as other New Orleans based designers and started working as a personal & editorial stylist as well. A year later I published my first book “New Orleans Style” and was fully bitten by the writing bug. After spending a Summer in Spain I decided to focus my creative efforts on travels, writing and projects that felt a bit more introspective. I decided to close the showroom, and moved away from event production and put full focus into Oui We.


How has living in the South influenced your brand? I grew up going to flea markets with my mom, sweating out hot days in the summer sun and I find a beauty in that feeling. I find joy in collecting quirky things at estate sales and won’t ever pass up an evening with cocktails on a porch swing. When you go away from that it’s easy to remember how little southern moments can make such a profound impact.

Yesterday I was on a walk, breathing in the aroma of the fresh cut grass in my neighborhood and truly that sense of nostalgia permeates through my work, I think. As a constant traveler I find I’ve embraced the attitude of southern charm, as well, nothing really upsets me, I remind myself when things go wrong it’s all a part of the process.

What is your fave social media platform? Well, I have a love / hate with instagram, but it’s the one I check the most and where I focus my time to grow my brand. I enjoy pinterest for the pure inspiration of it all.

How long have you been blogging? I started my first blog in 2012. And then truly began to take it seriously and relaunched Oui We as a wanderlust inspired travel blog in 2014.

Any advice for people who want to break into blogging? I think the most important thing is to truly find your voice, and use it consistently. Quality is critical too… There are a million style blogs, a million food, interiors and beauty blogs. To stand out you’ve got to find your niche, your voice and deliver content that will keep people coming back.

What’s your favorite post you’ve written so far? OMG that’s so hard to answer. Posts that include a bit of self exploration, hopefully the readers identify with that, those are the posts that stand out to me over time. Here’s one like that I ran recently, the photos truly inspired the writing. Creating with someone you love is a dream. And then, I love creating posts inspired by the people I meet, or the “where to visit” type posts too - the girls I write for love those! Of course, most recently I shared the cover of my new book! YAY! Love that post for all the obvious reasons.

How did you transition from blogger to author? My first book was a comissioned project: which basically means the publisher came to me, pitched the idea, and I was beyond thrilled to take it on. Once that first book came out I knew that this sort of writing was something I never knew I wanted to do but was so ME. After that book I signed with a literary agency in New York to develop my second book and it’s been a dream come true.

What is on your go-to playlist?

For road trips: Willie Nelson & The Killers

For long haul flights: lots of Ryan Adams (that’s who my bf plays with, so I have Ryan’s catalog on repeat)

For cooking at home: Hall & Oats & Fleetwood Mac

For writing days: El Vy & Father John Misty

For nights out: Tennis, Childish Gambino & Outkast

Who is your style crush? Poet Cleo Wade, I ask myself regularly: what would Cleo wear?

What inspires you? Travel. Romance. Color. Music.

Favorite Southern spot? That’s like asking to choose a favorite child! I have so many: New Orleans (my home), the beaches of 30A (it’s relaxing and so much fun), Terlingua, TX (it’s soul filling).

Anything else you’d like to add? Hey! Thanks for having me! Follow along on IG, and don’t forget to buy my book! It’s available on presale now!

Isn't Andi rad??

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