16 Things You Didn't Know About Me

I love reading these types of posts from other bloggers, and this one has been in my draft for WEEKS. Here are 16 things you probably didn't know about me.

Let's get weird.

faux fur

Jacket: Vici (Obsessed) Top: BP, Bralette: Free People, Sunglasses: Quay (My FAVES!), Jeans: SP Black, Similar, Shoes: Adidas (On sale!), Clutch: Vici (Sold out), Lipgloss: Lorac in "Secret Agent"

  1. I'm white. Everyone thinks I am everything else under the sun, but nope—just white.
  2. My first name is Mary. Weird, I know, but also true. 
  3. I'm 5'3. Most people assume I'm taller, but nah, just good angles, y'all. 
  4. I'm way closer to 30 than 20. Guess how old I am in the comments! 
  5. Dr. Pepper is my drug of choice. I've never smoked a cigarette or done drugs, but Dr. Pepper is SO addictive to me! It's a terrible addiction I know, but I love it.
  6. I have my master's degree. My B.S. is in Print Journalism, and my M.S. is in Strategic Communication. 
  7. In addition to blogging, I have three other "jobs." I am a college professor, writing tutor, and social media marketing consultant. 
  8. I teach at the same college I attended for undergrad and graduate school. It's super neat to be able to work with people who used to teach me. 
  9. I have owned my own business since I was in college. I do social media consulting, copy writing, photo shoot styling, photography, and website design. 
  10. I have really bad anxiety (especially social anxiety). This paired with my innate introversion makes me super crowd averse, and I HATE public speaking. *shudders*
  11. I have really particular sleeping habits. I have to have an earplugs, pitch black, super cold, several blankets, two fans, magnesium-induced, Relax app situation if I want a PRAYER at getting any sleep. I find The Princess & The Pea to be super relatable. 
  12. I will choose iced coffee over reg coffee 100 percent of the time. I also prefer almond milk creamer to dairy & no additional sugar. 
  13. I was in a sorority in college. Go CHI O!
  14. I am ob-sessed with The Bachelor. I've been watching it for years, and I. can't. stop.
  15. I'm reallyyyy sarcastic. I'd like to consider myself funny, but that definitely entails a certain amount of weirdness and sarcasm. I am constantly making jokes, being sarcastic, and doing and saying random things. 
  16. I've actually had other fashion blogs before starting this one, but I always got too busy or bored to maintain them. I have been blogging again for months now, and I am excited and impressed that I am still 100 percent committed to this blog and the community that I have created. 

Now that you've learned more about me, let's discuss my look. This jacket is my FAVORITE thing I've bought this season so far. It's so fun and flirty, and I get compliments left and right every time I wear it. It also pairs amazingly with this $17 white tee. I am a basics connoisseur. I'm a firm believer that you can never own too many neutrals, especially when it comes to basic tees. This one is cute, comfortable, and costs less than a manicure. Yes, please! 

I also loved layering it with this infamous Free People bralette. There's a reason every blogger on earth has one. It's feminine and fab and will make the perfect transition piece for spring. I love finding easy wardrobe pieces that I can wear time and time again. 

Where do you get your fave basics from? Were there any things in this post that you were surprised to learn about me? Let me know in the comments!